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problems and solutions essay topics

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Why do we require a problem solution essay? Well, a problem-solution essay is a 2 layered bi-factor non opinionated essay type. In this genre, the author clearly states an impending issue from the essay’s point of view. The writer analyzes the problems pertaining to the why and how of the issue. Later, he/she resonates with how they can bring out interesting solutions for the problem.

Let us do the same using an illustrative example:

‘Topic: “Plastic pollution impacts land, air and seas. Explain the problems pertaining to plastic pollution. And elucidate suitable solutions to combat plastic pollution!”

Here, the writer explains how plastic impacts air, water, and soil. At the same time, the writer also explains suitable pointers on how one can curb excessive usage of plastic and use more eco-friendly ways of living so that human beings start protecting the planet from the evil effects of plastic pollution.

 Importance of Choosing the Right Topic

Having illustrated what a problem-solution essay looks like, let us move on to our next segment. Choosing the right type of topics for describing problems and solutions for contextual scenarios is of paramount importance indeed. Let us unveil the importance of choosing the right topics in a point-by-point manner. Helping you get started with the same:

1.    Drives the interest and enthusiasm of audiences

When you choose the right set of topics that suit the problem-solution genre, you can keep your audiences glued to their seats. To do so, creating the right essay plot and hook statements is absolutely essential. This way, you keep up with the momentum of audiences, who would want to read through your essays, from start to finish. 

2.    Adding a better degree of relevance to your essay topics

While you intend to choose topics that cover a problem-solution genre, make sure you choose topics that are plaguing the present-day world. Create contexts and scenarios that are more relevant to today’s way of living. This way, you can make your essays more current, in-topic, meaningful, and impactful.

3.    Making your essays focused

Your essay topics must be curated with a focus-oriented approach. This way, you allow your audiences to think from the essay’s point of view in a more detail-oriented manner. While framing problems, explain it from the audience’s perspective. Solutions can be done in a mind-provoking manner too. This way, you allow audiences to think in coherence with the subject you are trying to educate your audiences on.

4.    Making essays informative

While choosing problem-solution essay topics, make sure you make them as informative and knowledge-driven as you can. Adding statistics and report analytics provides a better degree of authenticity to your essay. You must research from several web links or literary resources to make your essays comprehensive and info-driven.

Which Topic is Specific Enough for a Good Problem-and-Solution Essay?

To determine which type of topics are good enough to justify a problem-solution essay type, you must create contextual scenarios that represent a current or impending problem the world faces. Only then, can you foster suitable solutions that substantiate cues for solving the problem. Here are pointers that help you choose topics for a problem-solution genre:

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1.     Create apt focal points

Narrowing down your focus area to just one centralized problem helps you analyze the primary reasons that contribute to the problem area. At the same time, you must also think of conducive ideas that aim at creating foolproof solutions for the problem you have on hand.

2.     Are you able to quantify the same?

To ensure that you choose ideal topics for the problem-solution genre, you must analyze whether you are able to quantify the same. You must be in a position to validate your essays with ample statistical reports and reliable figures to prove the Math or scientific facts behind it. Hence, choose topics that are clear, streamlined, and above all quantifiable.

3.     Does your essay prove a Cause-and-Effect Relationship?

A problem solution essay type must reveal a clear and concise cause and effect relationship between the given set of variables and constants. You must reveal to audiences what variables are and what fixed components are. This way, you have a well-proven and tested method of portraying your ideas to the given audiences.

4.     Are your topics realistic?

You do not want to portray topics that are fictitious in nature. You must provide thoughts and ideas that are real-world scenarios. To do so, you must effectively present factual ideas and concepts to your readers and give a more realistic feel or approach to what you are trying to say.

How to Choose the Right Topic?

The importance behind why you must choose the right set of topics covering a problem-solution genre has been explained to you in a nutshell. At the same time, pointers with respect to the checklist you must look for in a problem-solution essay type have also been explained to you. Now comes the how of choosing the right set of topics covering this particular genre. Helping you get an understanding with respect to the same:

1.     Have a checklist of ideas

You must have a checklist of ideas or topics to substantiate your problem-solution essay type. To brainstorm further, look for the latest happenings through news channels, community chronicles, and magazines. This way, you can keep abreast of the latest happenings surrounding your world as such.

2.     Conducting evaluative research and analysis

The moment you have created a list of topics, outline cue cards on how you are going to substantiate, the theme and content, for the topics that you have created. Conducting ample research studies helps you whether you can quantify facts and figures. At the same time, you must also get quality ideas and solutions to prove your point to the given set of audiences.

3.     How relevant are your essays?

For each topic under consideration, you must bifurcate if it is a social, financial, or environmental concern. Mostly, problem-solution topics must cater to the realistic conditions your economy or society faces. Non-fictional essay topics are what you must be looking for in a problem-solution essay.

4.     Avoid over-generalized topics

For a problem-solution essay type, you only want to focus on a centralized theme or concept. It can be issues covering the stock market or you can choose topics pertaining to how the present education system can be revived better. Overgeneralized topics that lack depth and attention are ones that you must typically avoid.

5.     Are your essay topics feasible enough?

When you look for topics under problem-solution model, choose topics wherein you not only just address the problem alone. You must also think if you can provide probable or feasible solutions pertaining to the same.

6.     What is the type of audience you are catering to?

For any essay model to give away successful outputs, you must look into the inputs you provide for the same. Your audiences are going to access the info dimensions you are going to provide for them. Hence, choose topics that cater to your audiences in a full-fledged manner.

7.     Valuable feedback and inputs

Above all, you must always be open to constructive criticism. Feel free to take valuable feedback and input from your peers, seniors, and your professors.

List of 100 Problem and Solution Essay Topics

Letting you discover 100 problem solution essay topics for your reference. Helping you understand the same:

Education and Academic Issues

  1. Reducing High School Dropout Rates
  2. Improving Access to Quality Education in Underserved Communities
  3. Addressing Bullying in Schools
  4. Effective Ways to Combat Academic Cheating
  5. Overcoming the Challenges of Online Learning
  6. Enhancing Career Guidance for High School Students
  7. Promoting Inclusivity and Diversity in the Curriculum
  8. Solving the Problem of Student Loan Debt
  9. Increasing Teacher Retention in Underfunded Schools
  10. Improving STEM Education for Girls

Environmental Concerns

  1. Reducing Plastic Pollution in Oceans
  2. Transitioning to Renewable Energy Sources
  3. Combating Deforestation and Promoting Reforestation
  4. Addressing Air Pollution in Urban Areas
  5. Sustainable Water Management in Arid Regions
  6. Promoting Eco-friendly Transportation Options
  7. Managing Electronic Waste
  8. Preserving Biodiversity in Threatened Ecosystems
  9. Promoting Sustainable Agriculture Practices
  10. Mitigating the Impact of Climate Change on Coastal Communities
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Health and Wellness

  1. Tackling the Obesity Epidemic
  2. Mental Health Support in Schools
  3. Preventing Substance Abuse Among Teens
  4. Addressing the Opioid Crisis
  5. Improving Access to Healthcare in Rural Areas
  6. Promoting Healthy Eating Habits in Children
  7. Reducing the Incidence of Smoking
  8. Ensuring Safe Drinking Water for All
  9. Combating the Spread of Infectious Diseases
  10. Promoting Physical Activity Among Adults

Social Issues

  1. Fighting Homelessness in Urban Areas
  2. Reducing Income Inequality
  3. Addressing Youth Unemployment
  4. Promoting Racial Equality and Justice
  5. Combating Human Trafficking
  6. Supporting Refugees and Asylum Seekers
  7. Reducing Domestic Violence
  8. Addressing the Digital Divide
  9. Promoting Gender Equality in the Workplace
  10. Tackling Ageism in Society

Technology and Digital Age

  1. Combating Cyberbullying
  2. Ensuring Online Privacy and Data Security
  3. Reducing Screen Time Addiction Among Children
  4. Addressing the Spread of Fake News
  5. Promoting Ethical Use of AI and Machine Learning
  6. E-waste or unwanted cyber matter is on the rise. Provide suitable solutions with respect to the same.
  7. How do you Ensure Access to High-speed Internet in Rural Areas?
  8. Combating the Digital Divide in Education
  9. Promoting Online Civility
  10. Addressing the Impact of Social Media on Mental Health

Environmental Conservation

  1. Preserving Endangered Species
  2. Reducing Food Waste
  3. Promoting Sustainable Fishing Practices
  4. Addressing the Disposal of Hazardous Chemicals
  5. Protecting Coral Reefs
  6. Promoting Green Building and Architecture
  7. Reducing Noise Pollution in Urban Areas
  8. Tackling Light Pollution
  9. Preserving Natural Heritage Sites
  10. Addressing the Problem of Invasive Species

Transportation and Traffic Issues

  1. Reducing Traffic Congestion in Cities
  2. Promoting Public Transportation
  3. Addressing Drunk Driving
  4. Improving Road Safety
  5. Reducing Commute Times
  6. Promoting Bike-friendly Cities
  7. Solving the Problem of Parking Shortages
  8. Transitioning to Electric Vehicles
  9. Improving Public Transportation for Disabled Individuals
  10. Addressing the Impact of Transportation on Air Quality

Economic Challenges

  1. Fostering Entrepreneurship and Small Business Growth
  2. Addressing the National Debt
  3. Promoting Financial Literacy
  4. Reducing Unemployment Rates
  5. Solving the Problem of Youth Underemployment
  6. Supporting Sustainable Tourism
  7. Promoting Fair Trade Practices
  8. Addressing the Gig Economy’s Impact on Workers
  9. Combating Tax Evasion
  10. Promoting Ethical Consumerism

Family and Relationships

  1. Increasing Divorce Rates
  2. Supporting Single-parent Families
  3. Promoting Healthy Parent-child Relationships
  4. Addressing the Impact of Social Media on Family Life
  5. Solving the Problem of Child Abuse
  6. Fighting Age-related Loneliness
  7. Promoting Work-life Balance
  8. Addressing the Challenges of Long-distance Relationships
  9. Tackling the Problem of Domestic Violence
  10. Promoting LGBTQ+ Acceptance in Families

Political and Governmental Issues

  1. Improving Political Accountability
  2. Addressing Voter Suppression
  3. Promoting Campaign Finance Reform
  4. Fighting Corruption in Government
  5. Solving the Problem of Gerrymandering
  6. Promoting Civic Education
  7. Addressing the Impact of Lobbying on Policy
  8. Ensuring Access to Affordable Housing
  9. Tackling Police Brutality and Reforming Law Enforcement
  10. Promoting Electoral Reform

Problem solution speech examples

Let us understand examples of how problem-solution essay genres are worked out.

Case 1

  1. Problem: Many developed countries have problems with grappling with childhood obesity rates. What are the problems that are connected with childhood obesity?
  2. Solution: Promoting healthier diet choices, exercising options, and discussing more eco-friendly styles of living.

Introduction of the essay

You must start with an attention-grabbing statement to impress your audience.

This is how your thesis statement can be done:

“Obesity is a menace for younger children who are diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, hypertension, or even sudden heart attacks before they turn 23. These are alarming dangers that happen due to the consumption of fast foods and sodas. Let my problem-solution essay illustrate a point-by-point evaluation of the same!

This way, you create an interesting hook for the essay that keeps audiences glued to reading through your essay from its start until its finish.

Body of the essay

Explain the problems of the essay in a chronological manner. And, this is the sequence of points by which you present the same.

  1. Give a brief overview of how obesity can impact the overall lifestyle of adolescent children on the whole.
  2. Now, give a gist of problems that can arise on account of premature obesity. You can explain the problems obese children face during their teenhood period.
  3. Finally, you can discuss the possible consequences of what can happen to your children if their obesity levels are not looked into.

How do you draft the solution-based segment for your essay?

For a solution-related snippet, here is how you would go about it:

  1. Describe a Comprehensive School Program: Explain a program that includes nutritious school meals, physical education, and health education.
  2. Benefits of the Solution: Discuss how this program can improve children’s health, academic performance, and overall well-being.
  3. Implementation: Explain how this program can be implemented in schools, including funding and involvement from parents and the community.

Counter Arguments for the Essay

  1. Address potential objections, such as concerns about funding or the role of parents.
  2. Refute counterarguments with evidence and logical reasoning.

Conclusion for the essay

Here are a set of pointers by which you can summarize the solution for this particular essay.

  1. Summarize the importance of addressing childhood obesity.
  2. Reiterate the benefits of the proposed solution.
  3. Call to Action: Encourage the audience to support and advocate for these programs in schools.

Case 2

  1. Problem: Environmental Pollution
  2. Solution: Transitioning to Renewable Energy Sources

Remember, problems refer to the first segmentation layer of your essay while the Solutions form the 2nd segmentation layer for your essay. You must curate pointers according to the sequence that is involved.

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Introduction for the essay

  1. Attention-Grabber: Start with a shocking fact about environmental pollution or a powerful image of pollution.
  2. Thesis Statement: “Environmental pollution is a global crisis, and one effective solution is transitioning to renewable energy sources, which can mitigate the impact of pollution and promote a sustainable future”.

The introduction paragraph must be the Wow paragraph for the essay. Here, you must nail attention-grabbing lines so that audiences are curious to know what the essay is all about.

Body for the essay

Here is how you can sequence your pointers for the body paragraph of the essay. Here, we talk about the problems involved in the essay topic.

Problems of the topic

Here is how you can layer up the first segmentation layer for the essay topic. You discuss the problems pertaining to the case study that has been presented in front of you!

  1. Explanation of the Problem: Describe the various forms of environmental pollution, such as air, water, and soil pollution.
  2. Causes of Environmental Pollution: Explain human activities, industrial emissions, and deforestation as contributors to pollution.
  3. Consequences: Discuss the health, ecological, and economic consequences of pollution.

Solution for the Essay

  1. Describe Renewable Energy Sources: Explain solar, wind, hydroelectric, and geothermal energy as sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels.
  2. Benefits of the Solution: Discuss how transitioning to renewable energy can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create green jobs, and reduce dependency on finite resources.
  3. Implementation: Explain the steps needed to transition to renewable energy, including government policies, incentives, and investments.

Counter Arguments that are involved

  1. Address potential objections, such as concerns about the initial cost of renewable energy infrastructure.
  2. Refute counterarguments with evidence and examples of successful transitions.


Here is how you will layer up the summarizing points for this particular problem-solution essay.

  1. Summarize the urgency of addressing environmental pollution.
  2. Reiterate the benefits of transitioning to renewable energy.
  3. Call to Action: Encourage the audience to support policies and practices that promote renewable energy adoption.

Case 3

  1. Problem: Cyberbullying
  2. Solution: Promoting Digital Literacy and Online Civility

Introduction for this particular type of essay

  1. Attention-Grabber: Start with a real-life story of a cyberbullying incident or a disturbing statistic.
  2. Thesis Statement: “Cyberbullying has become a prevalent issue in the digital age, but by promoting digital literacy and online civility, we can create safer online spaces and protect vulnerable individuals”.

Body of the essay

Here is how you layer pointers covering the body of the essay. You discuss the problems first and then you would be probing into the solution aspects pertaining to the same!

Problems pertaining to the topic

  1. Explanation of the Problem: Describe what cyberbullying is and how it manifests in various forms.
  2. Causes of Cyberbullying: Explain the anonymity and detachment of online interactions as contributing factors.
  3. Consequences: Discuss the emotional and psychological toll cyberbullying has on victims.

Solutions pertaining to the topic

  1. Describe Digital Literacy Programs: Explain educational programs that teach individuals how to recognize and combat cyberbullying.
  2. Benefits of the Solution: Discuss how digital literacy can empower individuals to protect themselves and others online.
  3. Implementation: Explain how schools, communities, and parents can collaborate to incorporate digital literacy into education.

Counter Arguments

  1. Address potential objections, such as concerns about censorship or the effectiveness of digital literacy programs.
  2. Refute counterarguments with evidence and examples of successful prevention efforts.

Conclusion for the essay type

  1. Summarize the significance of addressing cyberbullying in the digital age.
  2. Reiterate the benefits of promoting digital literacy and online civility.
  3. Call to Action: Encourage the audience to support and participate in initiatives that combat cyberbullying and promote safe online interactions

These problem-solution speech examples demonstrate the structure and key elements of effective speeches on complex issues. They provide a clear understanding of how to identify a problem, propose a solution, and engage the audience in meaningful discussions.

In a nutshell, evaluate the genre of the essay. Provide a brief overview or a validation of how the problem persists in the first place. Discuss the outcome and consequences of the problematic situation you have on hand. Above all, suggest remedial measures that help readers overcome the problem that has been cited by the author as such.

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Choosing the right topic for your problem solution essay is a critical step in the writing process. A well-chosen topic can make your essay engaging, relevant, and impactful. By considering factors such as your own interests, the availability of information, and the practicality of solutions, you can select a topic that allows you to showcase your critical thinking and problem-solving skills effectively.

Use the list of 100 problem-solution essay topics provided here as a starting point, and don’t hesitate to explore additional topics that inspire your passion and creativity. With the right topic in hand, you can embark on a writing journey that addresses real-world issues and contributes to meaningful discussions.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)


1.     Is it better to choose a problem that directly affects me or one that is more globally relevant?

While choosing a problem that personally affects you can enhance your passion and engagement in writing, globally relevant issues often have more extensive resources and broader implications. It ultimately depends on your interests and the depth of research and analysis you can provide.

2.     How do I ensure that my proposed solutions are realistic and achievable?

Realistic solutions can be ensured by conducting thorough research to understand the feasibility of your suggestions. Consider factors like available resources, existing policies, and the support of relevant stakeholders. Proposing incremental changes and pilot programs can also increase the likelihood of success.

3.     Should I address potential counterarguments in my problem-solution essay?

Yes, addressing counterarguments is an important aspect of a well-rounded problem solution essay. It demonstrates your awareness of differing opinions and strengthens your argument by refuting opposing viewpoints with evidence and logical reasoning.

4.     Can I use personal anecdotes in a problem solution essay?

Yes, incorporating personal anecdotes can be effective in adding a human touch to your essay. However, ensure that your anecdotes are relevant and support your argument or illustrate the problem’s impact. Balance personal stories with factual evidence and data.

5.     Is it acceptable to propose multiple solutions to a single problem in my essay?

Yes, it is acceptable to propose multiple solutions to a single problem, especially if the issue is complex and multifaceted. Just be sure to thoroughly analyze each solution, explaining its potential benefits and drawbacks. Compare and contrast the proposed solutions to help your audience understand their relative merits.

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