5 Reasons Why One Should Go To School

A school is an educational institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning environments for the knowledge seekers i.e the students or pupils under the guidance of experts in teaching i.e the Teachers. Usually, education progresses through a series of schools. They are primary schools for young children, Secondary school for teenagers, who have successfully completed their primary school and finally college or university where higher education is taught. Apart from these conventional schools, preschools or kindergarten schools are meant for kids aged 3-5 years, which provide schooling for very young kids.


1. School is the first home away from home in the lives of humans. It is the foundation step of the journey of progress. It is the first step of exposure to the outside world. Apart from acquiring academics, it helps in the overall personality development of the child or pupil. The preschool or kindergarten acclimatizes the kid to the environment of the school where he/she begins to socialize with other kids, play, learn the concept of sharing, etiquette of a toilet, eating and start building the bond with their teacher. In simpler words, the primary education helps in the development of socializing, etiquette building and exposure to the outside world.


2. The School contributes towards the growth and future of the country by producing adult citizens who are the building blocks of the Nation. With its high-quality education, the school not only helps pupils master the subjects but also teaches them to work under disciplined conditions. Kids learn stress, time management and priority making from School which in fact helps them in their future. The school homework makes them work and complete before deadlines, prioritize assignments and activities apart from participating in games and physical activities.

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3. Schools also help the kids to sit and adjust with kids from different economic statuses, religions, and ethnicities. In fact, it teaches the lessons of religious tolerance and socializing, contributing to the moral and ethical development of the child. In fact, it acts as the maiden step towards social networking.


4. Schools empower kids with the weapon of education. They help kids to learn basic educational skills from primary school to higher school. They make kids ready with the basic education required to master the skills of their desire and interest. Schools lay the foundation for subjects like languages, mathematics, sciences a broad menu to enjoy. School education helps the students to develop a goal in their lives and then enlightens them with the path, to chose in their quest for higher education.


5. The extracurricular activities help in their physical and mental development, apart from exposing them to the concept of team spirit, work spirit, and team management.  The concept of sportsmanship is imbibed from the school.


In fact, schools prepare kids to combat life. Schools visibly and substantively contribute towards the development of the community as a whole, thus continue having reasons why one should go to school.

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