5 Tips for Writing a Stellar College Essay

tips for writing a stellar college essay

On paper, you earned everything you needed to excel in your academics so far. But now, as you are moving forward to enroll in one of the prestigious colleges to pursue your higher education dream, strong preparation will be required. However, getting admission to most colleges is easy, but some colleges are more selective in the admission process.

And to recognize students that fit their class standards, stellar college essay writing is one of the basic criteria opted for by colleges. But things could be cooler for a student.

Writing a stellar college essay that grabs applause will certainly take enormous work. Aside from all accolades in the past, college essay writing is one of the labor-intensive parts of the entire college application process.

It isn’t easy! That’s why we have some great tips on college essay planning covered in this article, which will surely help you craft a masterpiece from scratch.

1.      Develop A Plan

First, you must have the deadline considered on priority. Based on it, you can differentiate the topics that demand more research versus the topics that will be easy to form. Before you start, ensure you have covered the essay guidelines in the spreadsheets, including word count, special instructions, and date.

Whether your essay is reusable or you must create a new one from scratch. Later you can land on the topic. All dots must be beautifully connected, with all the thoughts covered within to go with the flow.

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In other words, it should be well organized. Therefore, it is necessary first to carry out research to align all the relevant points into the final outline of your essay.

Developing a plan would be a best practice for students applying to multiple colleges. This will require them to write 10 – 15 essays or as per their applications. In such scenarios, you can write to colleges where the deadline for admission is nearer.

You can even divide your college selection into three rounds. The first round will want you to write essays for colleges you want to enroll in on priority, the second round will count substitutes, and the third will count essays for regular choices.

2.      Start Early

If you don’t have enough stamina and mental strength to brainstorm at the last minute, you should start preparing earlier. Starting early exposes you to some great benefits, and the first is “flexibility of time.”

You will have plenty of time when you start early. You can walk through the topics and create a good idea about the subject, which can be expressed with some research to make the presentation more creative.

If you are about to create an essay of a considerable length, it will definitely ask you for more time. However, during emergency or urgent scenarios, it is certainly impossible to create a quality essay, but since you are preparing a few days in advance, you will have ample time to create a stellar college essay.

The second benefit you would be exposed to is great marks and priority for your application. Most colleges have limited seats, and sometimes they accept only those students who have responded fastest to their application process. If you are proactive, you will get enrolled for sure.

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3.      Be Mindful of the Topic

College essays should be free of jargon. The main intent of this essay is to learn about the author. Readers hate irrelevant details, so make sure you don’t write anything that describes your friends or family members in brief.

An off-topic essay increases the fair chances of application rejection in the college to where you intend to take admission. Try keeping it more personalized, and express your hobbies and interest in a professional tone.

Just keep yourself in the place of an admission officer. What are those things which they would like to see in the college essay? Get that in mind and develop and review your essay accordingly. Stay true to yourself and avoid faking anything which is detectable or may put you into great trouble.

4.      Draft an Outline

Outlines of the story are an incredible way to maintain a genuine tone in the content. Most readers will judge your essay based on the headlines or outlines. So in case you are short of time, you draft an outline of your essay.

Keep the most attractive things about you highlighted above on the topic so the reader can easily notice them. But ensure you maintain consistency and a professional tone in the article. Avoid stuffing anything unnecessarily in an undesired place.

Outlines are only intended to get a rough idea of the topic from the author and later by the reader itself. It can make your essay writing a breeze.

5.      Be Genuine, Unique & Avoid Jargon

The last but most important is to be genuine. However, keeping it unique might speed up your application process, and the best way to do it is by bringing all your unique qualities, hobbies, and skills together.

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If you have an achievement in something which can be presented to the office upon being asked, don’t forget to mention it in the essay through a unique story. However, you can even highlight all these little things but do it only as per the guidelines.

You are asked to be genuine because admission officers can question your skills, and in case you were failed to bring documents, chances of rejection increase simultaneously. Avoiding jargon is also a best practice that will keep you protected from the potential demerits of essay writing.

6.      Approaching An Expert

The ultimate method which will not disappoint you is by approaching an expert in essay writing. Such as, you can ask All Assignment Support to craft a mind-blowing custom essay for your college project from scratch. Experts on the platforms are proficient in writing essays in diverse academic niches. So whether it is a requirement for an Argumentative Essay, you want to get an MBA Essay written from scratch, or looking for a Law Essay written in a formal tone. You can trust All Assignment Support.


For the best practice, you can start by reading other essays and later create a plan for yourself. Be open, and above all, be honest about everything you have discussed in the essay. Your essay should hook the reader, and most notably, it must convince them to prepare for the desired response. One simple way to accomplish this is by being specific and humble about the topic and avoiding jargon.

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