Assignment Help for Anatomy

Assignment Help For Anatomy

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Assignment help for Anatomy


Anatomy is the study of interior body parts; therefore, it can be defined as a branch of Biology which helps to gain a clear description of each interior body organ. Therefore, anatomy is divided into three sections:

  1. Plant anatomy
  2. Animal anatomy
  3. Human anatomy

Anatomy is mostly confused with physiology study, but anatomy is the study of internal body parts of human being whereas physiology is defined as the study of functions of different body parts. Anatomy is classified into two main parts naming:

  1. Macroscopic anatomy also called Gross anatomy
  2. Microscopic anatomy.

Gross anatomy:

The study of internal parts of a living organism which can be easily seen with the naked eyes is known as gross anatomy. Though earlier dissection was essential for gross anatomy, presently the invention of innovative scientific instruments has made a study of gross anatomy easier through a small incision in the external body or by fixing medical devices outside the body.

Microscopic anatomy:

The study of the structure of cells and tissues which makes specific organ is defined as microscopic anatomy. Study of tissue is called histology whereas the study of cells is known as  cellular biology or cytology. To conduct the microscopic study, different microscopic instruments are required. Like an electron microscope, simple microscope and compound microscope etc. And moreover tiny sample of cells and tissues from specific areas help to conduct a study on microanatomy of specific organs.

Anatomy is also sub-classified based on systems in the living body. Some of these are enlisted below:

Digestive system:

Human Body

Study of organs which involves absorption, digestion and excretion of food falls under the digestive system. Organs listed under digestive system initiate from the mouth and ends up at intestine. Let study and get to know more about Digestive system

Immune system:

The immune system is also known as the defense system of the body. The organs which make up the immune system offers protection against viruses, infections, fungi, bacteria that enter the human body and disturb the normal functioning.

Integumentary system:

The organs present at the outer covering of the body and are direct in touch with environmental conditions make up the Integumentary system. Hairs, skin, nails etc. together build up the integumentary system.

Respiratory system:

The organs which are involved in the process of respiration falls under the respiratory system. Three main parts of the respiratory system are lungs, airway and muscles.

Skeletal system:

Skeletal System

The anatomical study of joints and bones is done in the skeletal system. Thus, Skeletal system support protects and attaches different organs of the human body. The anatomy of the skeletal system is classified into the appendicular skeletal system and axial skeletal system. Axial skeleton comprises of 80 bones whereas appendicular skeleton consist 126 bones which are present in different parts of the body.

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