50 Assignment Topics for International finance

Assignment Topics For International Finance (1)

International Finance

International finance, most of the times referred as international macroeconomics, is the study of financial communications between at least two nations, majorly focusing on the areas called foreign direct investment and currency exchange. Basically, the financial organizations that come to pass between at least two nations.

  • International finance centers around zones, for example, unfamiliar direct investment and cash trade rates.
  • Expanded globalization has amplified the significance of international finance.
  • An activity known as the Bretton Woods framework arose out of a 1944 meeting went to by 40 countries and expects to normalize international finance related trades and strategies in a more exertion to support post World War II financial solidness.

Understanding International Finance

Global account research is led by enormous establishments, for example, the International Finance Corp. (IFC), and the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER). Besides, the U.S. Central bank has a division devoted to investigating strategies relevant to U.S. capital stream, outer exchange, and the advancement of worldwide business sectors.

Assignment topics for International finance

The Assignments in international finance basically cover basic principles and concepts in international finance. The assignments mainly focus will be on substantive issues, especially for emerging markets (EMs), but analytical and empirical tools will be covered. The tentative of topics or readings can be changed as according to class interests, new researches, and latest developments in International finance.

  1. Accounting of National Income and the Balancing of Payments

The National Income Accounting and the Balance of Payments Stylized facts and the development of the subject. Major current issues, Basic accounts, the Current Account and Intertemporal Approach to the Balance of Payments are to be covered in this topic.

  1. Foreign Exchange Markets & The Asset Approach
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The Foreign Exchange Markets & The Asset Approach deals with the Market efficiency, UIP, CIP, Market Microstructure, Arbitrage and Noise Trading, Hedging, Derivatives, Puzzles in International Financial Markets’ and Options.

  1. Foreign Exchange Markets, Intervention and Exchange Rate Regimes
  2. Exchange Rate Theories, Monetary and Fiscal Policy, Output, Inflation and Interest Rates
  3. The Exchange Rate Theories, Monetary and Fiscal Policy, Output, Inflation and Interest Rates

The assignment in this topic deals with the Keynesian theories meet rational expectations. The short-run of Mundell-Fleming, Overshooting and Monetary theories from the modern perspective. The long-run of real exchange rate and purchasing power parity and the real exchange rate in an EM the Balassa-Samuelson theory.

  1. Purchasing Power Parity, Wages and Inflation in Emerging Markets
  2. Fixed exchange rates and central bank intervention
  3. Forward-looking consumers, monopolistic competition, the open economy and monetary policy
  4. Liberalization, Structural Adjustment and Policy Choices in EMs; Political Economy and Policy Credibility; Exchange Rate Regimes
  5. Crises and Crises Models, Policy Responses, New International Financial Architecture
  6. International Monetary System, Indian Macroeconomic Policy, Exchange Rates, and Financial Stability.
  7. Purchasing power parity and Interest rate parity
  8. International Fisher Effect & The optimum currency area theory
  9. The Mundell-Fleming Model, which studies the interaction between the goods market and the money market, is based on the assumption that price levels of said goods are fixed.
  10. Global Stock Return Comovements: Trends and Determinants
  11. Recent Trends in Foreign Exchange (FX) Margin Trading in Japan
  12. Slow Trade: Structural and Cyclical Factors in Global Trade Slowdown
  13. A new technique for estimating currency premiums
  14. FX Global Code – Formulation of a Single Global Code of Conduct for the Foreign Exchange Market and Initiatives to Promote Widespread Adherence
  15. The Global Code of Conduct in the Foreign Exchange Market for sound development and effective functioning of the Foreign Exchange Market.
  16. Toward Further Development of the Repo Market.
  17. Portfolio Rebalancing Following the Bank of Japan’s Government Bond.
  18. Purchases: A Fact-Finding Analysis Using the Flow of Funds Accounts Statistics.
  19. Cross-country Transmission Effect of the U.S. Monetary Shock under Global Integration.
  20. Revision of Balance of Payments Related Statistics in Japan.
  21. Estimating Term Premia at the Zero Bound: An Analysis of Japanese, US, and UK Yields.
  22. International Investment Positions and the surge in global commodity prices and strengthened cross-market
  23. Regulations Work for the Stabilization of Financial Systems
  24. Recent Trends in Japanese Foreign-Exchange Margin Trading
  25. Cross-currency transmission of money market tensions
  26. Monitoring Commodity Markets from the Perspective of Understanding Global Financial Market Trends
  27. Developments in a Cross-Border Bank Exposure Network.
  28. External Aspects of East Economies and Finance considering developing interest in territorial integration.
  29. Changes in Hedge Fund Investment Behavior and the Impact on Financial Markets -Position Concentration, Expanded Scope, and Market Liquidity Risk
  30. Financing Activities of Japanese Companies in Asia -Summary of Discussions from the Research Group on Financing Activities of Japanese Companies in Asia
  31. FATS Statistics of Producing Statistics for Broadly-Defined Trade in Services
  32. Inflation Dynamics in China & China’s Rise and Structural Adjustment in NIEs and ASEAN with Competitors or Complements
  33. Revision of Balance of Payments Related Statistics
  34. Treatment of Indirectly Owned Enterprises in Direct Investment
  35. Reviewing US Monetary Policy in Disinflation Era: A Primer
  36. Financial and Corporate Restructuring in South Korea
  37. Global Disinflation & Measuring Productivity Growth
  38. Points on International Comparison of the Flow of Funds Accounts
  39. Predicting the US Real GDP Growth Using Yield Spreads of Corporate Bonds
  40. Experiences of three Eastern European Countries during the Russian Crisis
  41. Corporate Governance Mechanism and Cost of Capital to Firm Value
  42. The Impact of Financial Development on Economic Growth
  43. composition of U.S. capital inflows & outflows
  44. oil prices driving capital inflows to the U.S
  45. Kinds of stocks to Sovereign Wealth Funds
  46. Everything about U.S treasury bonds
  47. Volume of foreign exchange market
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