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The primary focus of an internship program is training and getting first-hand knowledge along with exposure to the real working environment. Usually, institutions offer highly structured internships in the workplace benefiting both the young professionals and host organizations. Internship programs in Australia usually offer innovative work experience with focused hands-on training in the workplace, meeting the student’s and graduates academic and professional needs. Internships are an extremely important addition to a university student’s resume. An internship is like a test drive through the chosen path of a career. A university internship is a valuable source of work experience and portfolio additions. Not only that it adds value to the resume but also gives an advantage over their peers


Why Choose Australia For An Internship?


As an intern in Australia, you will have the golden chance of exploring a career, develop more skills, bask in the sun, trot on the beaches, see the kangaroos and gain international experience of an intern, apart from meeting people of different ethnicities, religions, and places all in one place. Australia, the land of kangaroos offers a treasure of Australian internships from accounting to zoology, theatre, biology, tourism, and technology all thanks to its sound economy. You can engage in extracurricular activities like SCUBA diving, watching ballets, in your free time. The diversity of Australia’s local flora and fauna, activities, tourist attractions and scenic beauties, cuddly koalas, surf culture make it a heavenly abode for the internship. You will stand out among the crowd on your resume all because of your international internship in Australia.

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One of the main reasons that make Australia home next to the home is the native English language which is so comforting. This helps the newbies to embrace the lifestyle without any struggle. While it is exhilarating to travel to a foreign land with a new culture, food and customs, a native language like English proves to be a huge relief. Planning for an International internship is not a cakewalk, but Australian internships come to the rescue by offering a holiday visa program that comes to the aid of young students who want to gain work experience while traveling through a foreign country. Usually, the holiday visa program allows you to come for one year to work, explore and you can even lend a hand at an Australian farm post-internship to earn a second year in the country. Also, the visa processes are hassle-free, simple and straightforward offering more freedom to work in comparison with other countries

The work schedules in Australia are predictable in a positive way sans any late-night wrap-ups promising more free time for fun and frolic


The Internship To-Do List


Decide The Time Of Travel

Figure out well at what time of the year and the duration you want to live as an intern in Australia

Decide What Type Of Internship You Want

Australia offers plenty of internships in various fields varying from business to technology. Decide well which filed of study/ experience you want to pursue.

Choose The Best Intern Abroad Programs

Get a quick review of the past participant’s review programs, job reputations, location and ease of getting settled. Some providers also give you the past interns’ contact if you are keen.

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Planning The Finances

You should be well versed about your day to day expenses and travel splurges that might cost you in Australia. So ensure you do thorough research on your ongoing funding before you set off.


Here’s a sneak peek of the top providers for international internships in Australia.


  • The Intern Group
  • Global Experiences
  • Intern Oz
  • Career DC
  • World Endeavours
  • CAPA The Global Education Network
  • The Education Abroad Network
  • IES Internships
  • Boston University Study Abroad
  • Internships Down Under


The interns should understand that sometimes things do not work out exactly as expected. Maintain your perseverance and refrain from looking for problems. The biggest mistake interns make is not taking the initiative. So buck up and be proactive. Make a clear set of boundaries at your workplace and stick to them. Never leave the place of present internship for another. This unprofessional behavior should be avoided which can be catastrophic at the beginning of your career. At the same time don’t let your work be undervalued. Appropriate clothes, clean and modest clothes are requisites for creating a positive professional impression. Bear that in mind. Keep it professional and avoid showing up late, missing deadlines, showing laziness and disrespect, taking a vacation in the middle of the internship.


An internship should be availed to the fullest and an effort should be made to create some helpful professional connections for future recommendations



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