Checklist for International Students Preparing to Study Abroad

checklist for international students preparing to study abroad

Preparation for studying abroad can be both fun and intimidating. Books, assignments, schedules, and most notably, clothes and accessories- everything will be different in the country ahead.

Challenges will be enduring, but the only thing which will consistently be helping you over there is your PREPARATION, and this article intends to push you to do better here.

The international student packing list has often been found incomplete. Despite an enormous amount of effort, few essentials are still left unnoticed by the students.

Keeping you well-occupied with international studies is our motive so that your studies abroad are never halted but stay goal-oriented.

Therefore, below we bring together some critical points that you must consider in your checklist before taking a flight abroad.

International Students Packing Checklist: Things That Can’t be Missed At Any Cost

Mentioned below are some most-necessary things worth considering for students who are about to depart to their dream country for study –

1. Documents First

Since you are traveling abroad on a student visa, you must convince your mind to accept that you will be alone there – even though this will not happen until you make friends – still, right after landing in your designated country, you will be isolated for a short while. However, there’s no need to worry until you have all the legal documents ready to show to the authorized people. If you are legally entering a country, your host country’s embassy will proactively assist you in case you are a bit confused or have met trouble. Here’s a list of those most important documents you must carry along with your luggage –

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a) The Passport

The first document that can’t fail to be a priority – at any moment in any way is your PASSPORT. Avoid traveling without a passport. Get it renewed as early as possible if it is expired. Also, you must ensure it has additional studying plus traveling time to stay manageable.

b)     Student Visa

In this run-up to studying in your dream country, you will surely not forget your student VISA, right? The visa occupies a full-length study duration you will be pursuing in the country ahead. Get it from the embassy or consultant in your country.

c)     Scholarships

In case you have got the chance to study abroad on scholarships, make sure you have the necessary documents well-packed in your luggage. These scholarships can be either about providing you additional funding besides your standard academic fee. Or they can be an opportunity for absolutely free education abroad.

d)     International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

ISIC is another important thing that almost every student must have before pursuing education in another nation. The card can get you a discount on most of the products/services you access in other countries as a student.

e)     Travel & Medical Document

You can also take travel insurance (optional), but medical documents should be kept in your luggage on priority because some countries may still follow Covid-19 protocols.

2.     The Wallet & Destination’s Currency

Now landing straight to the ‘wallet section’ because, in this international student packing list, it is one of the most indispensable without which you can’t think about traveling. But make sure you aren’t making a silly mistake by keeping your host country’s currency in it. For example, if you are traveling to the US, keep US dollars in advance in your wallet. You can get it from any of the local foreign exchanges against the currency of your country. Also, $300 or the amount asked should be kept in a wallet. This will disclose that you are prepared to fund yourself in foreign nations.

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3.     Packing the Source of Communication

A cell phone, smartphone, or laptop must be on this journey. A prepaid plan that allows international calling must be purchased in advance for a few months. This will bridge the communication gap between you and your family and, most importantly, with your country’s embassy. A good source of communication will keep you connected in the foreign nation and may relieve the fear of being totally isolated or harmed by someone in that country.

4.     Have Copies of Your Travel Documents

In certain unfortunate circumstances, you lost your documents. And in such events, it is fairly tough to overcome these worst moments if you don’t have a legit copy of your original documents available. As a student, it is one of the most important must-haves for studying abroad. Your backpack must have a colored or a black and white photocopy of each document you carry along. Also, these photocopies must be kept separately to ensure your original and copied documents aren’t stolen or lost at once.

5.     Cloths, of Course!

Weather can be cruel sometimes! Especially if you are traveling to a county where the weather is utterly different from your host country, clothes that adapt to the dynamic environment of that country must be packed in your bag. However, the concern isn’t that problematic in summers, but in winters, you can have to suffer for your life if you aren’t carrying woolen clothes or apparel, which could prevent you from the cruelty of the winter season.

6.     Check Items That aren’t Allowed

The last thing worth considering on priority is checking whether you are carrying items that aren’t allowed in another country or during air travel. Your bag must not have a knife or any pointy object which can harm someone. Similarly, your bag must not have any food items which aren’t permitted during air travel. Other information can be availed from the travel firm’s website or online. It’s worth checking things to buy before studying abroad that are legit to carry along when traveling abroad.

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Final Words

So these are the top things you will have to consider on priority before traveling to your dream country for study. Since it is the start of your career and future-building process, ensure no essential point is missed. Your future success exclusively depends on your present activities. Keep it in mind!

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