Columbia University Assignment Help

Columbia University Assignment Help

Columbia University was established in 1754 as King’s College by royal contract of King George II of England. It is the oldest foundation of higher learning in the province of New York and the fifth most established in the US. Columbia University is a difficult and incredibly particular school. It flaunts a heavenly standing, with some notable and effective alumni, including Barack Obama.

A profoundly specific university and member from the Ivy League, Columbia University is situated in the Morningside Heights neighborhood in uptown of New York City. Currently, with $11.26 billion endowment in 2020, university stands one of the largest of any academic institutions in the New York city, the second most selective in the Ivy League after Harvard and, the third most selective college in the United States.

The college is administrated into 20 schools’ undergrad schools and many other graduate schools. It is also had worldwide research stations over the globe. Its complete student numbers are around 28,000 and is contained basically of postgraduates, with approximately 8,500 college students.

Most Popular Courses offered in Columbia University

  • Social Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Biological and Biomedical Sciences
  • Computer Science
  • Visual and Performing Arts

Academic Requirements to get into Columbia University

To get an admission into Columbia University students must need…

  • 124 points of academic credit,
  • As it is Ivy League school, one need an excellent GPA of 2.0 or higher and
  • An average SAT/ACT score between 1500 and 1560.
  • ACT scores as between 34 and 35.

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Admission in Columbia University

Columbia accepts the Common Application and Coalition Application. Interviews are optional and only offered off-campus and to students in particular geographic areas when available. Two sets of supplemental questions strategically are essential to a competitive application. They  are:

  • The first four supplemental questions are the lists of books, journals, plays, and music you’ve consumed in the past year.
  • The second set of questions asks you what you specifically value about Columbia and how your past experiences have prepared you to succeed in your field of study.
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Tuition and Financial aid of Columbia University

At Columbia University, the total cost is $79,814.

The net cost is the normal expense of the college after guide and grant reserves are limited from the absolute cost, which comes in at $20,517 for the normal student receiving need-based aid.

Tuition fees & Expenses of Columbia University

Total Cost of Attendance: $80,339

Tuition and Fees: $61,671

Room and Board: $15,130

Books and Personal: $3,538

Scholarships & Fellowships of Columbia University 

  • Clifford and Siegfried Upton Scholarship
  • George W. Ellis Fellowship
  • Leta Stetter Hollingsworth Fellowship
  • Lydia C. Chamberlain Fellowship
  • Paul Nichoplas Scholarship Fund
  • Richard T. Wamser Fellowship
  • Vladimir and Olga Poder Fund
  • Shardashish Fellowship
  • Columbia Grant
  • Federal Grants
  • State Grants

Eligibility to receive Columbia University Scholarships

  • The median income of families receiving Columbia Grant is $97,020, but many families who earn as much as $200,000 a year can qualify for financial aid.
  • Parents with calculated incomes below $60,000 a year and typical assets are expected to contribute $0 towards their children’s Columbia education.
  • Parents with calculated incomes between $60,000 and $100,000 and typical assets have substantially lowered contribution requirements.
  • Parents earning over $100,000 can still qualify for significant financial aid from Columbia.

Work-Study in Columbia University  

Students who get work-study can acquire compensation during their scholarly year to help offset their costs by working an average of 10 hours every week on campus work only.

Student Life & Activities in Columbia University  

Columbia has a very different student bodies that offer many diversity resources. The School of General Studies is specifically for non-traditional students, where the average age of the student body is 27. There are many events are held on campus, with cultural events being especially popular. Greek life, meanwhile, is available, but not an overwhelming presence. New York city presents the plenty of options, especially in terms of Columbia’s location. Students can enjoy the broadway shows, performances at Lincoln centre.

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Boarding in Columbia University  

First-year students are guaranteed on-campus housing. All freshers live on the South Lawn close to significant campus boarding’s, and one can enjoy free clothing and numerous different conveniences.

The first-year includes:

  • Carmen Hall: spacious doubles with some single-sex floors
  • Furnald Hall: singles and as pairs, some shared with sophomores; known for being clean and calm.
  • John Jay Hall: singles and doubles; dining corridor on first level; Columbia Health Medical Services in the building; considered a social living residence.
  • Living Learning centre: comprised of Hartley Hall and Wallach Hall; singles and doubles; freshmen, sophomores, and juniors live here.

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