How To Calculate Opportunity Cost

How To Calculate Opportunity Cost

Opportunity cost

Opportunity cost is a portrayal of the advantages that a business, individual or financial backer passes up while picking one choice over another. In business, opportunity cost may likewise be alluded to as financial expense. Opportunity cost is significant for organizations since it permits them to decide the most ideal approach to utilize their restricted assets and assets. By taking a gander at the opportunity expense of a specific choice or alternatives, a business can figure out which choice will give the best or most useful return. Opportunity costs are additionally an approach to more understand comprehend the expected dangers and advantages of a choice before it is made.

Opportunity cost is the benefit of something when a specific strategy is picked. Basically, the opportunity expense is the thing that you should renounce to get something. The advantage or worth that was surrendered can allude to choices in your personal life, in an organization, in the economy, in the climate, or on a legislative level.

Types of opportunity costs

  1. Implicit opportunity cost
  2. Explicit opportunity cost

Factors of Opportunity Cost

While putting away Finance, time, and energy, the individual needs to search for the alternative of giving the most elevated conceivable profit from venture. Accordingly, surrendering the worth he would have yielded from the second-best other option.

  1. Finance

The financial worth put resources into any chance should give a sufficient re-visitation of the financial backer. In this way, cash is a fundamental factor associated with a promising circumstance cost.

  1. Time

Time is a significant resource, and once contributed, can’t be turned around. The advantage which a specific chance gives over the period should be the most elevated when contrasted with different other options.

  1. Energy
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The energy put resources into the picked elective is similarly fundamental and requires a lot of abilities and assessment.

Significance of Opportunity Cost

Opportunity cost is an unavoidable part of any business action since it triggers the interaction of dynamic.

The essential purposes behind which any business needs to decide the chance expense are as per the following:

  • Base for Decision Making

Opportunity cost offers help for settling on a proper decision while choosing one out of numerous accessible other options.

  • Value Determination

Based on the costs caused in the acquirement of any merchandise or administrations alongside the expense which may have been focused on procuring elective alternatives, the cost of the items or administrations is resolved.

  • Proficient Resource Allocation

It helps in putting the assets in the ideal time by investigating the chance expense of the multitude of options.

  • Compensation Decisions

In associations, it assumed a pivotal part in deciding the normal worth a worker would make for the association. It is obtained after his/her correlation with different options accessible, and consequently, faculty compensation is thought about appropriately.

How to calculate opportunity cost

The equation is essentially the contrast between what the normal returns are of every choice. For instance, say that your organization has the chance to utilize a specific measure of assets to either put resources into the financial exchange or to reinvest in the business. You accept that your profit from venture from putting resources into the securities exchange will be 16% over the course of the following year, while you expect that by reinvesting in your organization by buying new hardware will deliver a 13% profit from speculation throughout the following year. This implies that the chance expense of the present circumstance would be 16% short 13%, or 3%. Thus, you would renounce the opportunity to acquire an extra 3% on your profit from venture by deciding to utilize your assets to reinvest in your organization.

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Opportunity cost = FO – CO


FO = Return on best foregone option

CO = Return on chosen option

Real life application of opportunity cost

  • Whether to ride a bus or drive a car to work.
  • Whether to cook a meal at home or eat out.
  • Keeping my old car vs. buying a new one.
  • Graduation Versus Salary.
  • Stocks Versus Cash.
  • Get-away Versus preparing.
  • Taking care of obligation Versus Spending on Welfare by the public authority.
  • Business venture versus stable employment.
  • Selling Stocks now and after 2 months.
  • Putting resources into stocks or more serious level.

Importance of opportunity cost

The idea of Opportunity Cost is critical in the realm of business and money. It clarifies the reasoning of the monetary choices taken or picked with respect to the next accessible choices.

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