How to Title Your Essay Fabulously?


What is your understanding of what an essay title is all about? Well, an essay title is very typical of the headlines of a newspaper. Would you be intrigued to read a newspaper article if the headlines appear shabbily done? Or, if the headlines appear to be a boring one? No, definitely, you would not be interested to read further down the newspaper article.

Similarly, if you do not coin good titles for essays, your readers or audiences will not have any interest or excitement to go through your essays. Therefore, you must coin your essay topic lines in a highly compelling and audience-engaging manner. In other words, the essay title must captivate the minds of your audiences at the very first go!

Essay titles must again be curated based on the type of essay you plan to write. It can be an argumentative style essay or a two-stance opinion style essay. Your essay genre can be an Advantages-Disadvantages essay or a Causes-and-Effects essay. Whatever the genre of the essay, you must coin your essay titles accordingly. You can call your topic liners good essay titles only when you try customizing the titles according to the genre of the essay.

In this guide, let us know the various types of nuances that are involved in how to come up with a title for an essay in a comprehensive manner. Helping you get started with the same:

Discover the purpose and importance of an essay title

As we have already discovered the overall reasons why an essay topic must be done with a degree of caution and precision, here we are to explain to you the exact purpose and importance of an essay title on a real-time basis.

The title of the essay usually comes at the center of the page. These are the first set of keywords your audiences will look at when they start reading your essay for the very first time. Therefore, an intriguing title is what is needed to help people gather the initial momentum or excitement towards wanting to read your essay.

Therefore, it is quite obvious that an essay title can make or break your essay on the whole. Henceforth, the title is the very first thing your professors, clients or other readers will see. Then, they determine whether your work is going to be mind-worthy or not.

Choosing very good essay titles also provides your readers with the necessary impetus or the fertile ground you want to provide towards wanting to read your essay. Therefore, you must learn the nuances of how to come up with a good title for an essay compellingly and incredibly. In other words, you must know how to title an essay like that of a pro. This way, as the author or writer of the essay topic, you are also able to showcase your wisdom, knowledge and writing skills fabulously.

College essay writers and other freelance writers, therefore, work on a defined scope on how to title an essay using a number of ways.

Therefore, the scope and importance of why you should title an essay have been described to you in a nutshell.

What are the qualities of a good essay title?

As we have seen the conceptual understanding of what an essay title is all about, we have also explained to you the scope and importance of how a good essay title can make or break an essay-related work of yours. Now comes the next layer of segmentation for us to deep dive into.

Here, in this segment, we are going to help you understand what qualities you need for curating compelling essay titles. Hence, helping you get started with the same:

1.   Titles must be eye-catching

Are you writing your essays for a project? Or are you curating essay topics for your academic or thesis-related work? Whatever the scope of the document, you must create headlines or titles that are eye-catching. The topic liners must be interesting enough to grab the attention of your audience at the very first go!

2.   The titles must showcase the credibility of your work

Most college essay writers or freelance content creators create trendy titles that are catchy. However, there is a degree of caution you must typically apply here. On the verge of creating catchy topic titles, you cannot afford to give away headlines that are inaccurate or incompetent enough to be dubbed as a blatant lie. The titles must correspond accurately to the nature of the content you plan to draft or curate from your end.

You can Google relative keywords in congruence to the essay topic. The tool will suggest titles, and you can pick or choose one that suits the scope or nature of the document you plan to write. But writing incorrect or incompetent essay titles is a strict no-no indeed!

3.   Must be easily comprehensible

The essay titles must be easily understandable or readable by professors who look at your work for the very first time. We do not want flowery or bombastic words on the essay topic titles. The headlines or topic liners must, therefore, be done using simple and easy-to-understand words or phrases.

4.   Maintaining an Active Voice

It is always better that you maintain an active voice while you curate essay titles. Instead of saying, ‘The poverty of people was diminished on account of the Industrial Revolution,’ you can curate the same as ‘Industrial Revolution reduced the poverty of people.’ Maintaining an active voice on an essay title helps audiences relate to your work more seamlessly.

5.   Write titles that are brief and accurate

Essay titles must be brief and precise. Maintaining lengthy essay titles can confuse readers and deviate their minds from the exact focus point of the content. They lose their concentration from the main theme of what you are trying to say in the essay. As goes the proverbial saying, ‘Brevity is the key.’ Therefore, you must keep essay titles shorter. Brief titles must also have accurate keywords that depict the anchor points in terms of the content you want to draft for your essay.

Explore the components of an essay title

We have seen the various qualities that you need to make essay titles look fresh and inviting. Now, do you want to discover what are the components of good essay titles? Here we go, helping you understand the same!

To notch compelling titles for your essay topics, you must definitely use a formula that helps you out. To determine your formula, you must understand the components that are required for curating good essay titles. Let us learn what these are:

1.   A Catchy hook

Use words or phrases that add to a catchy hook while you plan to curate headliners or essay titles for any given topic. Experts suggest that you use bold keywords while you plan to curate essay titles.

Say, for instance, you want to write a topic about the Industrial Revolution. Therefore, you know that the words ‘Industrial’ and ‘Revolution’ form the two main keywords for your Essay. Hence, using these two keywords on your title is the tip experts recommend to create the titles that take you to the hook in a well-defined manner.

2.   Topic keywords

Topic keywords relate to the primary keywords of the essay topic. Say, for instance, you want to write something about global warming; here, you have the word ‘global’ and the other word ‘warming’ that directly relates to the topic you plan to write about. Hence, global warming becomes your topic keyword. It would help if you used topic keywords while drafting essay titles.

3.   Focus keywords

These are words that determine the ‘where’ and when’ of the essay. Along with topic keywords, the focus keywords are also recommended to be used by the writers while framing essay titles or topic headlines.

4.   Learn it with an example

Here is the title:

Buy Me a Date: Consumerization and Theories of Social Interaction in 21st Century Online Dating Sites”

  1. Catchy Hook is ‘Buy me a date’
  2. Topic keywords- consumerism, social interaction and dating
  3. Focus keywords- 21st Century

Discover the know-how on how to create essay titles

Now, we move on to the main part of the essay. Here, we outline the exact steps on how to come up with a good title for an essay and these are the technical pointers that teach you the knowhow of the same.

1.   Write the essay first and curate the titles at the last

The Last in, First Out or the LIFO method works better here. You can write the essay completely and then plan to curate a title or an essay topic for the content. When writers write their entire essay, they know what is the scope and subject matter of the content that has been drafted. Here, it becomes easier to coin the exact essay title that exactly fits the content that you have written. Hence, writing the essay first and then framing the title for it makes absolute sense indeed.

There is one more strategic benefit of writing the essay first and then curating its headline or title. The writers do not have to waste too much time trying to figure out what the essay topic can be. They can spend the same amount of time reading or researching a topic that conveys the subject matter for the essay.

2.   Using your thesis statement gives you valuable cue cards while you try coining apt essay titles

Your thesis statement gives you ample cue cards to curate apt essay titles. Let us illustrate this to you using a simple example. Say, for instance, if this is the thesis statement: “The American colonies rebelled against Great Britain because they were tired of being taxed, and they resented British military presence in their lives and homes.”

Here is the thesis statement that you have already written for your essay. Therefore, your core essay topic or title can be “Tired of Taxes and Troops.” Or else, you can have the title curated as “Rebellion of American Colonies against British Rule: Taxes, Troops, and other factors.”

3.   Using eye-catching phrases

You can add eye-catching phrases or popular cliches while you coin essay titles. These power-packed words add the initial momentum and can trigger the curiosity of your audiences. You can look for similar phrases from the internet and see if you can re-tweak them into your essay titles. Quotes that renowned authors write can also be reworked into compelling essay liners or topic titles.

4.   Considering the tone of your essay

Choosing the right tone for your essay titles is something you must surely work on while you plan to recreate those magical headlines or topic titles. When you want to write about something serious, avoid using witty or off-the-beat phrases. Avoiding jargon, slang and abbreviations is also recommended while you write essay titles.

Discover 25 captivating essay tiles under various genres

Here are 25 essay titles that are done genre wise. Let us have a look into each one of them:

Argumentative Essay type Examples

  1. Does US education system help immigrants get better job opportunities?
  2. Top 10 most corrupt nations of the world
  3. Is Politics a practical art or an inborn talent?
  4. Is climate change taking human beings to the brink of extinction?
  5. Should we abolish capital punishment across all countries of the globe?
  6. Does alcohol disrupt our line of thinking?
  7. The most appropriate age for all of you to Vote
  8. Should the voting age be lowered in all countries of the world?
  9. Spanish is not the easiest language to learn
  10. Do steroids help or destroy the human body?

2. Persuasive Essay title Examples

  1. Are Illegal immigrants causing trouble to advanced nations of the world?
  2. The recent Canada-India stand off
  3. Explore the pros and cons of alternative medicine
  4. Should horror movies be banned for the benefit of our children?
  5. Do horror movies have a destructive effect on the thinking capabilities of the human brain?
  6. How would Superman behave in a Real world?
  7. Did you like the climax of the recently aired Barbie Movie?
  8. Is Barbie a real thing?
  9. What role do counselors play in shaping up the mental health of teenagers?
  10. Can AI supercede human’s thinking capabilities?

3. Catchy Essay titles

Here are a couple of examples on how catchy essay titles can look like.

  1. Zoos Vs Human Prisons
  2. The Pros and Cons of Globalization
  3. Is bio war a lethal new-age weapon for countries?
  4. Should uniforms be banned in schools?
  5. Working from Home is going to be the new normal for Gen Z millennials

Concluding Lines to Remember

We have seen various aspects of how to come up with good titles for your essays. The scope and definition of essay titles have been discussed with you at length. We have also seen the various components you have while framing essay titles.

The exact know-how on how to curate essay titles has also been drawn up for your clearer degree of understanding of the subject. Captivating essay title examples have also been given to you so that you can start thinking on similar lines.

Do you have trouble doing your thesis, assignments or college-related work? We have a dedicated team at All Assignment Support that comes to your immediate rescue.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Can I use question hooks while framing my essay titles?

Answer: Yes, you can use question hooks while framing essay titles. The titles must be done keeping in view the primary theme of the concept you have written about. The title must also relate to the thesis which you have formulated in your essay. However, overusing topic keywords or thesis may sound confusing to the readers. These are components that can be used subtly.

2.   How long do you frame an essay title for?

Answer: The ideal word length for an apt essay title is anywhere between 10-12 words. It is always the best idea to curate an essay title with a mix of primary and focus keywords. This way, it is easier for Google to rank your content by linking yours with other databases.

3.   Should an essay title be italicized?

Answer: That depends on every writer’s independent choices or preferences. Bolding the essay title, however, is mandatory indeed. The essay title should again fall under the center portion of the page as this is the fulcrum point wherein you create a favorable anchor for the rest of the essay. Therefore, you must maintain the visibility factor of the title vividly.

4.   What are the other guidelines I must keep in on mind while writing essay titles?

Answer: Suppose you curate titles for books, magazines or other forms of publication work; writers express their titles in italics. For high school or college level, essays may or may not be italicized. You must also add correct quotation marks covering your essay title.


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