How To Write A Personal Statement

Writing a personal statement is an art – and like any other art, it requires time and practice for perfection. Usually, a perfect personal statement can be difficult at the start. However, the following steps can help you write a great personal statement for yourself or others.


  1. Start by making a small draft for the statement. Remember, a draft is required to ensure that your statement is free of mistakes.
  2. Don’t rush in. Think and then write.
  3. Make sure you write formally and use the best possible expressions.
  4. You are reflecting the good in yourself. So, make sure you are focused on depicting your unique strengths
  5. Your opening sentence must suit the work.
  6. REMEMBER – a personal statement is “personal”. Write about yourself, use your work and ideas. Make the tone that you find suitable. Do not resort to copy-pasting – it can act as a personal statement massacre.
  7. Honesty is the best policy. Make sure you are as honest as possible in the personal statement. Exaggerations can be spotted easily and get your rejected.


There is no such thing as a perfect personal statement. However, putting in the effort and making sure that each aspect of the statement is as good as it can be can ensure great outcomes. Most importantly, you must consider the fact that your statement must be impressive. Use the steps mentioned above to leave a lasting impression.

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