Speech About Happiness And Success

Success and Happiness are the two magic ingredients that can make Life a Blessing. Being successful doesn’t guarantee your happiness. You might be the most successful person on the earth walking with all enviful eyes set on you. Your life might be the dream of thousands of others who go awe seeing your success and position. But deep down you might be unhappy. Your soul might be seething right under this cozy blanket of Success. On the other hand, you might not be successful and a mediocre person. May be failure doesn’t seem to leave your side but still, you are happy and contended. Because you never let the failure have the authority to trample your personal Happiness. You might have that might of being grateful for the obvious Bounties of life that the Creator bestowed on you that failure can hardly influence you negatively. Your gratitude towards the blessings of life that go unappreciated is what makes you unaffected and inert towards the failures, life keeps bouncing at you.


According to Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Success is to laugh often and to win the respect of intelligent people. Winston Churchill said, “Success consists of going from failure to failure without the loss of Enthusiasm.” The fact is every person’s definition of success is different. For many Success may be to become the wealthiest person, to head a company, to become a doctor, lawyer and so on. So basically people define Success when their dreams or goals of life come to fruition. But is this what the definition of Success should be? I define Success as that state where you are contented and remain unaffected by the opinion of others, and your endeavors and their fulfillment are merely for your satisfaction and remain unaffected by the opinions of the society. Success is vague and hollow if it doesn’t fetch you happiness and it is definitely not Success if it costs you your mental peace and well being. Happiness should not become a privilege in the race of goal achievement or dream fulfillment. Then it can never be called Success. Success should be for your own betterment and should be building you not breaking you with stress and depression. People who feel that success and happiness are interrelated are in a utopia. Success and Happiness are never directly proportional. Success may grant you happiness but don’t expect that it would or should grant you happiness. Since success is usually viewed as the goal fulfillment or dream fulfillment it usually culminates in gaining or amassing wealth or owning some material entities, like a big mansion or say a luxury car, bags, jewels. But what if the race to success robbed you of the simpler joys of life like peace, sleep and happiness is nowhere to be found. What if you have sacrificed your precious moments of togetherness with your loved ones on the altar of Success, such success is futile. You should rethink and analyze your goals.


Which is more important? Happiness or Success?


Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn, or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude – Denis Waitley. You don’t need success to be happy. As a matter of fact, happiness is an independent entity. It is not penurious to success. The secret of happiness is finding simpler joys in life. When you uplift others, when empathy takes its position in your heart, when your efforts make someone else’s life happy, then Happiness sticks to your side. The truth is Success is necessitous of Happiness. Success doesn’t guarantee happiness. It may bring you fame and wealth but under the mask of fame and wealth, your soul might be wailing under the pressures to excel, to gain worldly acceptance, to reach the boundaries the world has set so that you can be called successful. What use will be the mansion you amassed when you are busy round the clock to complete your deadlines, meetings, and you hardly spend time in your heavenly mansion? When you have a platter full of exotic food to devour but no time to relish each bite with peace and solace but always on the run-stuffing some sandwiches in order to save time. When you need to compromise your morals, ethics just to be successful, your soul will die the most brutal death. Such success is obsolete where your presence becomes a privilege and luxury for your loved ones. I would rename such success as pressure. Such success is better called as pressure to excel rather than success when it doesn’t guarantee your mental peace and prosperity. So, Happiness is necessary not Success, as the former can guarantee the later but unfortunately, the later can’t guarantee the former. Happiness is the end-goal, not Success. Finding contentment or fulfillment is the accomplishment of the highest degree. Success should come as a byproduct of happiness


How Happiness can influence Success?


Psychological studies and neuroscience research proves that happiness is the key and precursor of success. A positive and happy mind makes the mind and automatically the body to work better. Staying happy means positive vibes taking rein and biologically releasing serotonin and dopamine hormones which are responsible for enhanced motor control, motivation, memory, problem-solving, mental focus and the ability to process multiple concepts simultaneously. Martin Seligman, the pioneer of positive psychology, stresses the fact that meaningful engagement is a key factor in happiness. His quote summaries this brilliantly, “One of the best ways of discovering this value is by nourishing our unique strengths in contributing to the happiness of our fellow humans”. You will be astonished to know the type of professional skill in most demand. It is none other than soft skills which include personal and communication skills like empathy, listening skills and the ability to build a team. LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner swears by these skills and says that this is the most sought Professional Skill.


So let the motto or aim of life be to stay happy and contented. Success will follow like the blind herd. Let’s contribute towards a happy world, not a stressed world. A happy world is by default a successful world


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