7 Amazing Websites for Students, You Need To Know

best sites for students

Lifehacker is designed to help its users live in the modern world. Popular tags include ‘productivity’, ‘money’ and ‘diy’.

  • Mentalflus

Although basically one of many sites for students who waste time, floss is good for learning interesting facts from around the world covering topics such as food, culture and science. True, its main function can be as an aid for procrastination, but you still need to learn something.

  • Sleepy. Me

This site tells you the best time to go to sleep if you should at a certain time — a very useful tool in student life. Considering regular sleep cycles, sleepyti.me can help if you suffer from morning fuss.Maintain website

  • edx.org

edx is one of the most important mooc platforms in the world. Moocs (massively open online courses) are available for free to anyone who wants to learn. Other major mooc providers include udacity.com, academicearth.org and…

  • Coursesera.org

The curriculum covers a wide range of academic learning, allowing you to complement your learning with some additional knowledge.

  • ebay.com

Consumer to consumer mature ebay website allows you to buy, sell or auction almost anything, including clothing, electronic devices and antiques. It can be useful if your student budget needs a boost, or if you want to find some bargains.

  • Amazon.com

Amazon sells everything in the sun, including books, e-books, and textbooks your program may need. But critics say this is to the detriment of independent bookstores, so you might want to consider using your local store instead of always buying online.

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