What is an Achiever?

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The definition of the word achiever is ‘a person who is successful, someone who has accomplished his/her goals’ to achieve means to reach, attain or accomplish the things you set out to do. There are a number of things that differentiate achievers from non-achievers, and one of the most importantthings is determination, the determination to do something having a strong will and not giving up till you achieve your goals. Every one has to deal with failure at some point of time,

but how you cope with it is what makes the difference, what do you do when the odds are stacked up against you, when life brings you down time and time again. Do you give up? Or doyou fight for your dreams and bounce back and work even harder. To be an achiever, there are certain characteristics that will help you immensely, lets take a look at some of the characteristic that achievers have: –

 They accept their failures
 They don’t give up easily
 They learn something new everyday
 They are good listeners
 They have a winning mentality
 They have a laser beam focus

Being an achiever requires sacrifice, you must sacrifice the things that you would normally do to give all your time and attention to your dreams and goals, most of the time we only hear about the success of the people, no one pays attention to the struggle that was behind those achievements, the countless hours of hard work and sacrifice, the difficulties to not give up and push yourself a little harder. To be an achiever you must focus all your attention towards your goals, they have to be on the top of your priorities, you must fight the urge for procrastination and start working on yourself and keep working hard, you must have confidence in yourself and you must believe that you can succeed, attitude is a very important factor, it is attitude that makes the difference most of the time.

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Do not let failure bring you down, to succeed you must fail, as failing lets you identify your mistakes and only then you can work on those mistakes and correct them, look at failure as the learning curve to success and keep note of the little improvements that you achieve, it’s important to keep yourself motivated, but at times, you must also go easy on yourself, look at how far you’ve come and cherish the achievements that you’ve attained. When you become good at something, keep learning new things every day, no one is perfect and there is
always something new for you to learn, the learning mentality should never die, keep yourself busy and do new things every day, do things that scare you, get out of your comfort zone and take a risk, sometimes taking risk is necessary and even if you do fail, you’ll learn something from it. The last and most important thing is to “NEVER GIVE UP” I cannot stress enough on this, you can never give up on dreams and goals, doesn’t matter what the result is, do the things you love and you’ll enjoy the process, after all. Life is not about the destination, it is about the journey, so live your life and do the things you love, because the greatest achievement of life is enjoying it.

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